What is Online Counselling?

Online counselling is a way of accessing counselling when it is convenient to you and if it is difficult to physically or emotionally see someone face to face then online counselling is a great alternative. Online counselling is suitable for people from many diverse backgrounds, any age over 13 years old, identity, cultural backgrounds, religion and any gender.

Online counselling can be useful for a number of issues but there are occasions when it is not suitable, for example, if you were at risk. Then I would offer information of other forms of support.

Email online counselling – whereby you send me a an email on a secure email and I will spend one hour and respond by email within 48 hours.  You would then have one week for you to reply.

Instant messaging counselling – whereby we spend one hour via VSEE or Zoom sending and receiving instant messages in real time.

Telephone counselling – where we arrange a date and time for a telephone conversation or use ZOOM or VSEE and use audio setting

Video conferencing via ZOOM or VSEE or what’s app– one-hour counselling session online

I can work short and long term depending on your requirements.

Email me for a free initial 20 minutes consultation (via phone or web cam) to discuss you questions and to decide what platform would be best for you to get the support.