• Supervision questions can be asked directly when you contact me.

How do I get in touch?

Please contact me by mobile 07745709479 or email enquiries@counsellingthewayforward.com so you can ask any questions you need to.

What days are you available?

I currently have available Mondays and Tuesdays 8am until 8pm Wednesdays and Thursdays 5pm until 8pm.

Is it confidential?

I offer a confidential counselling / supervision service and I abide by the BACP ethical framework for counselling professionals. I will discuss this with you prior to and at the start of your first session and I will give you a written contract with all the details on it. The exceptions to breaching confidentiality are outlined in my privacy setting on this webpage. In regards to online therapy I will email you a copy of the contract and ask you to complete some questionnaires before the sessions start.

What will happen in the first session?

I will speak to you on the telephone or email first and then if you want to proceed I will arrange a suitable appointment time with you. In the first session, face to face, I will go through the written contract to set boundaries and help you to feel safe. There will be time for me to explain what counselling is and what I can offer and you can ask any questions as it is important that you feel comfortable and safe to discuss what you need help with. The session will be 50 minutes to one hour.

With online therapy there will have been a free session for about 20 minutes before we agree to go forward. I have to see if it is suitable for you and discuss how we will have the sessions.  I will help you in the first session to have a backup plan regarding technology and if you are in a safe private space for the sessions.( There will be a lot of information in the contract and assessment that I will email out to you)  I will always prepare you for the ending and check how you are before we finish and I will allow enough time to plan the next session.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you will require will depend on you and if you are improving or still think you need the help.  Some people know they need to be seen for a number of sessions and book a number of future sessions and others like to see how they are at each one.  It is important that you are in control of this and if you need a break from the sessions for a while that is ok as well.

How often are the sessions?

The frequency of the sessions is entirely up to you.  Some people want to have counselling weekly and others maybe once a month. I will discuss this with you at the end of the first session.

How much will it cost?

Individual counselling FTF and online is ¬£45 for 50 mins to one hour.  For online counselling you need to pay before the session. I do have limited concessions for those unwaged and trainees. I will discuss what I charge before you have the first session and I will explain how to pay and the cancellation policy I have.